Interactive iOS Designer

Job description: We're in a space that reflects what watchmaking built out centuries ago. In the digital space, we must be conscious of a mobile environment intersecting with human behaviors. An Alarm Clock is a daily-use tool.
In this role, you will refine the front-end mobile app environment, pixel by pixel. You will support the UX and Engineering team to polish the end-user interaction. Be familiar with dribbble and design best practices. Bonus points if you work with motion or 3D-unity.

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Momentum Marketing Specialist

Job description: In the iOS landscape, we adapt and help create the newest marketing tactics. With a transparent environment, ethics must be strong and strategic thinking must be applied to every post.
In this role, you will re-ignite the Cleu Digital Footprint. With Cleu Alarm 1.0 & 2.0, we built a foundation. You need to take this to the next level. Be familiar with tools such as MixPanel, AppAnnie, & Flurry. You'll be playing with global data that requires a deep interest in human behaviors.

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