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What the flipping’ heck have I been doing for the last 3 months?

21 May 2014

So when I was about to start my course in San Francisco I decided that I wanted to study in a warmer and more relaxed city, so I flew down to Los Angeles and started the course there instead.

The course is in User Experience, or UX, and is part of Web Design where I would interview the people that will use the site or app and just get to know exactly what they need and want in addition to a million other things such as sketching ideas and possibilities, creating wire frames and prototypes to test the site or app with the client. As an end result, UX Designers, simply want to make the world better by using digital technology to teach, guide and facilitate people to direct there focus and intentions towards ethically positive outcomes. For example, I would do research, interviewing, method acting and basically find the best way to make donating money to causes, help children comprehend more at school or to simplify medical displays so that the world benefits from digital products and services while cutting down the profit one person would make by exploiting the basic needs of the public.

So…… I studied this in LA and in the mean time had a lot of fun for 3 months meeting new people, seeing sights, going out and having fun while trying to stay awake most of the time. Here are some photos of the last 3 months and my study at General Assembly in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Finally, the beach and sun !! No more snow (even though snow is awesome).


I’m Rollin’ They Hatin’.


Jen comes down from Vancouver to visit and get some sun… and MAD air.


Since we are always in competition, I had to shut her down.


Venice Beach Cafe ON the beach.


Then on to the Venice Canals where people live on canals that look just like Venice, Italy… kinda.


Best Graffiti ever. Maybe because I love the movie, The Outsiders so much.


THIS guy.


Doggies that you can adopt advertised on the side of soda bottles.


Snuggly doggies owned by Katey a former Perthsider now LA gal.


Lakers V Rockets game at the Staples Center.


Cheerleaders are #1 !


Then I did some actual work in the course.


Went to see a movie at an outdoor cinema at the famous Hollywood Forever cemetery. Marilyn Munro is buried there as well as Johnny Ramone.



Then went for a hike with my friend, Sharif from my course. We climbed the hill up to the Griffith Observatory.


Obviously Sharif thought his phone message was more important than seeing the Hollywood sign.


Chillin’ with two of my friends from the course, Sergi and Dennis on an awesome rooftop bar.


All my homeboys at our graduation party after the 3 month intensive full-time course. I have NO idea what I am doing in this photo.


The whole class including one of the instructors, Jill.


This is the other instructor, Ashley and her super cool and friendly dawg, Winnie.


Not afraid to be an ass. As long as someone laughs, then it was worth it.