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San Francisco

21 Feb 2014

I went to San Francisco to attend a short course in UI (User Interface) design. It was an introduction to a course I will attend full time starting March 3rd. While I was down there I took a couple of snaps and saw some of the city. I hope to post a lot more photos of this cool city. To be honest I didn’t like the city when I first got there but as time went on and the shock of the city’s diversity sunk in, I started to see what the hype was all about. Coming from Vancouver, it was a shock to see sunlight and feel warmth in winter. SF is also a city of many cultural backgrounds that I was not used to being among and this also threw me off in combination with the drier, flatter landscape. It is a wild city with so much happening all at once and it took me a while to relax into its flow. It is a fast moving river that takes a few moments to prepare to jump into.


This is the city’s big chocolate company. Tastes fairly similar to a westernised Lindt.


The rock. Not as far from land as you would think and not quite as big. I totally reckon that the prisoners made a successful getaway from the island prison. The distance is nothing, the water isn’t that cold in the warmer months and there is not dangerous tide or sharks that I can see. I think the Perth to Rotto swim would be 100 times harder than escaping from Alcatraz.


The Palace of Fine Arts is an amazing old structure of columns and domes. It also holds a theatre for concerts and events. The lake around it is also awesome to sit next to and watch the white swans swimming around.


‘mercia. Yeeee harr.


Not sure why I included this photo other than it is one of the better stencils I have seen.


It’s that street in the movies that winds down like a snake for ages. Lombard St. Coit tower is in the distance to the right and the Oakland bridge off to the left. The photo wouldn’t be complete without an american flag sticking out out somewhere.