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Los Angeles

22 Sep 2014

After completing the 3 month User Experience (UX) course, I spent a lot of time both creating my portfolio, searching for work and interviewing. It was an amazing experience interviewing in the USA. It seemed a lot different to what I was used to. In the USA you have an initial phone call by the hiring manager, then you have a second call with one of the team leads or team manager, then you go in to their office for a face to face interview, then you get invited back to meet the team and answer all their questions and then you may get an offer which is the beginning of the negotiation period which may then lead to you working there. It is a very long process but the advantages are that you really get to know what you are getting in to and so do they. You also have Los Angeles to play around in while you are interviewing which is an amazing experience all by itself.

I have met some amazing friends and people that are incredibly smart and innovative. Most of my close friends here are super creative and outgoing which is an inspiration that I am grateful to have been a part of. Interviewing with big brands such as Belkin, Sapient, Disney and other agencies that work with Sony, Universal ..etc has also been a great experience that I am, again, grateful to have been able to do.

I ended up in a Rapid Prototyping Agency in Santa Monica which was fun and a great boost to my portfolio. It was a massive open plan warehouse with a bar and free beer on tap open 24/7. There were a lot of big dogs, meetups and conferences happening in the agency space all day so Digital Design was up in my grill all day.

Playin’ C-LO or Gangsta Dice with my homies.


Finding time to play a little Beer Pong with Sharif and buddies.


Saturday Volleyball on Santa Monica Beach.


Crazy LA spots to eat in and around Hollywood late at night.


This guy.


Food truck madness.


Art Walk is where galleries open late at night once a month Downtown. The streets become a big party.


This is Magnum. A Canadian Timberwolf crossed with an Alaskan Malamute. His fur and markings are all wolf. Love this dog. His is a resident dog down at the agency I was working for. I think I gave him more pats than I did work.


Downtown LA Art Walk.